The Continuity Supervisor, Fourth Edition

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"The Continuity Supervisor" enables both the newcomer and the experienced assistant to understand the basic elements of continuity, as well as giving them a grasp of the latest technological changes that affect the job. Formerly "The Continuity Handbook": a guide for single-camera shooting, this book has now been completely updated to bring it into line with current day practices.* Step-by-step Media Manual approach - ideal for novices and retraining professionals
* Written by a practising independent TV producer and trainer
* Now includes six new chaptersEvery television production needs to have the expertise of a good continuity director to ensure a slick, professional product. The job of continuity has changed remarkably little over the years, in terms of actually doing the job. What has changed is the framework within which the person doing continuity works, and this aspect, as well as the latest information on new technology, particularly in widescreen and post production, has been addressed in this revision.Although the job of continuity is pretty well divorced from the setting up process when shooting drama for television or feature films, setting up is still relevant to those working on factual programmes and, in this freelance world, it is essential that anyone doing continuity understands the whole production process and is able to take on aspects of setting up if required.The fourth edition has completely new chapters on:
* The Crew - job titles and definitions
* The Script - explains other ways of laying out a film script
* Continuity Report Sheet - logging the shots (the British and American systems)
* Front page - the shooting log rushed to the editor to facilitate digitizing
* Timing on Location (how to get an accurate timing from the tramlines)
* Working in Widescreen (what it means for continuity/explanation of aspect ratios)
©2000, 192 pages.