The Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning Guitar CD-ROM

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Product Overview

Not just for idiots! The Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning Guitar is perfect for beginners of all ages. Featuring lessons on how to read standard music notation and TAB, ideal for use with acoustic and electric guitars, and including over 60 popular songs covering rock, heavy metal, blues, country, jazz, and folk styles, the guide teaches how to play chords, scales, and cool licks with lessons in full-motion video with high quality digital audio sound. The Interactive GuitarView song player allows viewers to see exactly how each song should be played, including note names, finger numbers, scale degrees, and advanced techniques such as slides, bends, hammer-ons, pull-offs, and vibrato. Plus, the guitar fretboard syncs note-for-note to standard and TAB notation, and users can adjust the tempo of digital audio files without changing the pitch! Be ready to play from the most popular guitar folios and even play in a band! The Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning Guitar features everything you need to start playing now! CD-ROM.