The Complete Idiot's Guide to CD-ROM

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CD-ROMs don't always have to make you feel like an idiot! You're not an idiot, of course. You can calculate a 15% tip, use jumper cables to start your car, and hook up your own stereo. Still, when it comes to a computer CD-ROM, you're about to cry uncle. You don't have to give up just yet! Pick up "The Complete Idiot's Guide to CD-ROM." This amazing book helps you to make sense of this technology, so you are able to buy the right CD-ROM equipment, set it up properly to work with your PC or Mac, and get the most from it. You get simple steps to all the basics, plus friendly advice in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-enjoy format. Tips, definitions, and warnings help you save time and effort, and a handy tear-out card provides lifesaving shortcuts and reminders -- so you can use CD-ROMs with confidence. Discover the quick and easy way to:
Decide which CD-ROM drive is best for you; Shop efficiently and buy exactly what you need; Install your equipment step by easy step; Run CD-ROM software with ease. Turn your PC into a multimedia playhouse; Solve any and all problems in no time.