The Complete Classical Guitarist - Book & CD & DVD

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Jerry Willard" s The Complete Classical Guitarist is a straightforward and accessible approach to learning classical guitar that combines traditional methods with a fresh and modern approach. This book explains all basic guitar techniques, including free stroke, rest stroke, arpeggios, slurs, and much more, all presented in an easy-to-understand way with the help of photographs, diagrams, and a DVD presentation by the author. There is clear instruction on how to read music, plus helpful hints and tips on tuning and stringing. The Complete Classical Guitarist also comes with an additional 60-page repertoire section featuring over 50 pieces in all style from Renaissance to Romantic , everything you need all in one book! Extra audio examples that allow you to listen to and play through exercises at a slower tempo are available online for download at
  • 3-Part Hybrid Book!
  • Easy-to-use method book
  • CD and DVD with demonstration tracks
  • FREE downloadable audio examples. Book & CD & DVD. ©2007
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