The Complete Choral Warm-Up Book

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Product Overview

Here's a book for anyone who directs a choir ... any choir, of any age.
*211 warm-ups, information on the purpose of the warm-ups, teaching techniques and suggestions for use.
*Jammed with information .... a virtual "everything you ever wanted to know" about warm-ups.
*The well-organized index makes finding just the right warm-up a snap.
*Use is for reference or take it with you to rehearsals. It's also a valuable resource for choral method classes!
*Dozens of photos illustrating correct posture and vowel formation.
*Also included are discussions on:
Warm-up Considerations for Different Age Groups
The Warm-up Before the Performance
Procedure and Precautions
Rest and the Voice.
Whether you're an experienced choral director or just starting your first job, The Complete Choral Warm-Up Book belongs in your personal library. ©2002. (Comb Binding)