The Complete Book of Old-Time Fiddle Tunes for Appalachian Dulcimer

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Prouduct Number: 30665M

Format: Softcover & Online Audio

ISBN: 978-15134-6846-4

With over 70 fiddle tunes arranged for Appalachian dulcimer, this book includes both common session tunes that everyone should know and a handful of obscure gems. The tunes include a representative collection of what people are playing in the current old-time music scene. The author has indicated the source of the tune when known, plus notes on achieving the proper feel and playing style.

Although a few of the arrangements are real finger-twisters, most are well within the reach of the intermediate dulcimer player. Some tunes are written for old-time “noter” style playing, some are best fretted with your fingers. All of the arrangements include suggested chords for guitar or other instruments. One or two include lyrics; most do not.

Old-time tunes tend to be played in fiddle-friendly keys like D, G, A (major and minor), and C. Although you can play in most of those keys out of DAD tuning, the music really comes alive when you re-tune and let those drones ring. Tunings include DAA, DAD, DGD, AAA and more. The author includes notes on how to re-tune your dulcimer, as well as alternative tunings for some of the tunes.

The author says, “This book represents the fruits of over fifty years spent chasing down a good tune.”

Includes access to online audio of all of the tunes played on solo dulcimer. ©2022, 88 pages

Introduction: “That’s the way I learned it…” 

How to Play Old-Time Fiddle Tunes on the Dulcimer 
D Tunes in DAA Tuning
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss 
Jack Wilson 
Julie Ann Johnson 
Mississippi Sawyer 
Old Molly Hare 
D Tunes in DAD Tuning
Arkansas Traveler 
Avalon Quickstep 
Bonaparte Crossing the Rockies 
Camp Meeting on the Fourth of July 
Ducks on the Millpond 
The Eighth of January (2-part version) 
The Eighth of January (3-part version) 
Fisher’s Hornpipe 
Five Miles From Town 
Keep the Old Ark a’Movin’ 
Kilby Snow’s Shady Grove 
Little Bobby 
On Christmas Eve 
Rock the Cradle, Joe 
Step Around Johnny 
Sullivan’s Hollow 
West Fork Gals 
D Modal Tunes
Come Home With the Girls in the Morning 
Old Shady Grove 
Snake Chapman’s Tune 
Sally in the Garden 
G Tunes
Barlow Knife 
Devil Eat the Groundhog 
Drunken Sailor 
The Duck’s Eyeball 
Old Mother Flanagan (2-part version) 
Sandy River Belle 
Seneca Square Dance 
Shove That Pig’s Foot a Little Further in the Fire 
Wild Horse at Stoney Point 
A Tunes
Breakin’ Up Christmas 
Christmastime Will Soon Be Over 
The Golden Chain Tree 
Henry Reed’s Breakdown 
John Brown’s Dream 
June Apple 
Little Rabbit 
Newt Payne’s Tune 
Old Horse and Buggy 
Old Kentucky Whiskey 
Old Mother Flanagan (3-part version) 
Rock Andy 
Sandy Boys 
The Squirrel Hunters 
Walk Along John to Kansas 
A “Modal” Tunes
Betty Likens 
Cold Frosty Morning 
Ducks on the Pond 
The Falls of Richmond 
Joke on the Puppy 
Kitchen Girl 
Old Greasy Coat 
Pretty Little Dog 
Santa Ana’s Retreat 
Shelvin’ Rock 
The Twenty Eighth of January 
C Tunes
Hold Old Bald While I Dance With Josie 
Indian Ate the Woodchuck 
Lost Girl 
Texas Gals 
That’s My Rabbit My Dog Caught It 
Dulcimer Tunings for Old-Time Fiddle Tunes 
About the Author 
Alphabetical Tune List