The Bud Powell Real Book - C Instruments

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C Instruments Series: Fake Book Format: Softcover Features 44 signature songs from this jazz piano genius, all in the famous Real Book style! Includes: Audrey, Blue Pearl, Borderick, Bouncing with Bud, Bud on Bach, Burt Covers Bud, Buster Rides Again, Celia, Cleopatra's Dream, Comin' Up, Crossin' the Channel, Dance of the Infidels, Danceland, Down with It, Dry Soul, Duid Deed, Dusk in Saudi, Elogie, Fantasy in Blue, The Fruit, Get It, Gettin' There, Hallucinations, I'll Keep Loving You, In the Mood for a Classic, John's Abbey, Jump City, Keepin' in the Groove, Marmalade, Midway, Monopoly, Oblivion, Parisian Thoroughfare, Scene Changes, So Sorry Please, Strictly Confidential, Sub City, Tempus Fugit, Time Waits, Topsy Turvey, Un Poco Loco, Wail, Webb City, Willow Grove (Willow Groove). ©2009, 80 pages.