The Bruce Swedien Recording Method

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This Book/DVD-ROM pack is a MUST for anyone involved in the Recording Industry! Learn from Bruce how to mix your best possible recordings. Engineers at all levels still use his recordings as a standard by which they judge the sonic validity of their own work. Using Bruce's Recording Method you will learn how to get the sounds made famous from his many recordings such as: Off the Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, Invincible, HIStory and more. He covers drum, bass, guitar, keyboard, vocal, string, and brass techniques and on the accompanying DVD-ROM he reveals what he looks for in a recording and the steps he takes to ensure it reaches that level. Quoting Bruce - always remember : "You don't listen to the equipment, you listen through the equipment... The sound has to be so good to start with that it gives you goosebumps" ""©2013, Book & DVD-ROM