The Bonehead's Guide to Guitars

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Don't know your tremolo from your truss-rod? Fear not, this book will guide you through the essential difference between various electric guitars with clear explanations of how they work, how they sound and how their parts function. Learn about the effects that different construction, woods and components have on the tone of a guitar, and how to use this knowledge to get the most from your instrument or track down your ideal electric. This guide includes vital information on which guitar to choose for your style of playing and budget, and how to avoid buying a problem instrument. It also contains valuable advice on maintaining and upgrading your guitar, and covers all of the safety precautions assoicated with using an electrified instrument. This picture-filled book is an accessible and comprehensive introduction to the electric guitar that leaves the reader with a clear understanding of the world's favorite instrument. An inspiring foreword by Mr. Big guitarist Paul Gilbert is the perfect welcome to Plane Guitar. ©2000, 80 pages.