The Bonehead's Guide to Amps

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For many novice players the amp is the boring, functional part of their first set-up. This guide explains how it can be as exciting, inspirational and important as their guitar. Viewing the amp as an instrument in its own right, this book defines both the fundamental and subtle differences between many types of amplifiers, while offering valuable info on "tone-tweaking" every kind to suit different styles. Learn how to adjust your amp for a whole range of different tones and how to use its functions for maximum effect. The text also explains how to choose the right products within your price range and requirements, and how to maintain amplifier equipment for safe and reliable use. By taking an objective and comprehensive view of available guitar amps, this book offers the best bang-for-buck advice to getting killer tones easily and affordably. If you want to get your guitar cooking, then make sure it has the right ingredients with this invaluable guide. ©2000, 80 pages.