The Blackbird Academy Foundations

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Product Overview

Must-Know Audio and Recording Principles

Format: Softcover

The Blackbird Academy Foundations: Must-Know Audio and Recording Principles is designed to build your music engineering and audio production skills. The principles are directed at beginners to more advanced music creators, re-mixers, musicians, songwriters, singers, and those curious about what it takes to record, overdub, and mix quality music. Those who aspire to music, from ages 10 and up, will gain operational skills and understanding of basic to advanced recording concepts including:

• Signal flow

• Microphone recognition and advanced placement

• The keys to achieving great results when recording

• Essential analog and digital gear used in audio production

• Using a digital audio workstation

• Understanding analog to digital, and digital to analog, conversion

• Using plug-ins and analog processing when recording, overdubbing, and mixing

• Developing software skills, such as tuning processing, editing, and mixing

• Console basics and operation

• Using auxiliary tracks and buses

• Using shortcuts to build speed

• Learning how to listen

• And much more!

Those more advanced will also achieve benefits from reading what was written around the gear and workflow at Blackbird Studio, the world-renowned production facility located in Nashville, Tennessee. Blackbird has produced hundreds of hit records from a variety of artists, including Taylor Swift, Jack White, Martina McBride, The Black Keys, Kings of Leon, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, and many more. Readers will learn an impressive range of valuable information only known in the inner circles of production at the heart of Music City USA.

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