The Big Gig - Big Picture Thinking for Success

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The Big Gig is much more than just an intriguing and comprehensive insider's guide to breaking into the music industry as an independent musician. Compelling and thought-provoking, it is an excellent resource for leadership training, networking techniques, and personal development. The Big Gig is the first book that describes the inner workings of the highly competitive music industry as seen through the eyes of a world-renowned and highly successful musician - Zoro. The Big Gig provides a template for success by covering the vocational, personal, and spiritual aspects of a musician's life. The Big Gig is much more than educational. It is inspirational, motivational, and life-changing. Check out the Contents: * Foreword by Lenny Kravitz * Acknowledgements * Prelude: The Gift of Music * Introduction * How My Dream Started 1. The Art of Accompaniment: The Pros and Cons of Being a Freelance Musician 2. The Art of Vision: Defining the Dream 3. The Art of Strategy: Implementing Your Plans for Success 4. The Art of Attitude: Realizing the Power of Excellence 5. The Art of Learning: Keys to Developing Your Talent 6. The Art of Practicing: Learning Methods for Maximum Growth 7. The Art of Interpretation: Mastering the Language of Music 8. The Art of Preparation: Getting Ready for the Audition 9. The Art of Understanding: Major Factors for Landing the Big Gig 10. The Art of Reacting: Coping with the Audition Outcome 11. The Art of Gigging: Carving Out a Living 12. The Art of Recording: Succeeding in the Session World 13. The Art of Touring: The Business of Live Concerts 14. The Art of Advancement: Making the Most of the Road 15. The Art of Self-Management: Taking Care of Business 16. The Art of Networking: Building Working Relationships 17. The Art of Marketing: The Necessity of Self-promotion 18. The Art of Sponsorship: Understanding How Endorsements Work 19. The Art of Diversification: Expanding Your Career Opportunities 20. The Art of Self Control: Living Free From Addictions 21. The Art of Commitment: Thriving in Your Personal Relationships 22. The Art of Giving: Living a Life of Purpose ""©2011