The Axe Stand - Guitar Stand

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Product Overview

Series: PortaStand

Manufacturer Code: PAS-AXE

Width: 5.5" Length: 19.0"

We all like to look tough on stage, what with our shred-faces and power-stances and cool bandanas. But at Portastand, we know that behind closed doors, it's a different story. Your instrument is basically your firstborn: You cradle it. You sing to it when no one's around. Only two things are allowed to touch it: your own bare hands and/or the plushest microfiber towels money can buy.

That's why we developed the Axe Stand – a simple, super-sturdy, extra-portable guitar stand designed to go anywhere and keep your guitar stored securely. The base expands to a stout 16-inch radius, giving the Axe Stand a solid anti-tip foothold. Two bumper cushions protect your guitar's finish from unsightly scuffing. Our Universal Cradle base is designed to accommodate acoustic & electric guitars alike. And with the included carry bag, you'll even have a little extra room for those microfiber towels.