The Art of Writing Love Songs

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At last, here is the first songwriting guide to the most popular genre in history. This companion provides instruction and inspiration to anyone seeking to write authentic and captivating love songs. Readers will learn to reflect creatively upon love, express their feelings in lyrics, develop an exciting story idea, choose an appropriate music style, and craft songs that will woo any audience. Technical information is presented with precision yet wrapped in a conversational, personal tone appropriate for the topic. Packed with references to hit songs, this must-have guide enables songwriters and musicians from the pop, country, rock, R & B, rap and religious genres to understand and express love in a whole new way.Pamela Phillips Oland is one of the most prolific contemporary songwriters in America. Her songs have been recorded by a range of artists including Whitney Houston, Anne Murray, The Jacksons, Aretha Franklin, Selena, and Sinatra. Her music has also appeared in television and film including the show The Sopranos and the movie Coming To America. A successful, full-time lyricist for more than 20 years, she has written for nearly every imaginable genre including hard rock, rockabilly, country, gospel, pop, hip-hop, theater, r & b, doo-wop, alternative rock, blues, and jazz. She lives in Los Angeles. ©2003, 240 pages.