The Art of Songwriting: How to Create, Think and Live Like a Songwriter

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Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9780998130200

"What most songwriting guides won't tell you is that success as a songwriter - however you define it - is as much about how you live your life and the way you see the world as it is about your skill with words and music."

The Art of Songwriting is a comprehensive guide to life, art and making great songs.

It's not about chasing a hit song. It's not about theories that are interesting but no use filling the blank page. And most of all - it's not just about the craft of songwriting.

It's about how to create, think and live like a songwriter. It's about being resilient, innovative and passionate about what you make. It's about how artists can change the world - and why they should.

Stop relying on songwriting tricks, methods and shortcuts. It's time to embrace your inner artist, make your own rules and start creating like you've never created before. ©2017, 192 page


Introduction: What the $&%! Is This Book?

[1] There Are No Rules

[2] The Learning Curve

[3] Being an Artist

[4] Song Design

[5] The Creative Process

[6] Structure

[7] Hooks

[8] Musical Style

[9] Lyric Essentials

[10] Rhyme

[11] Melody and Prosody

[12] The Sound of Words

[13] Collaboration

[14] Your Values

[15] Putting It Together