The Art of Digital Audio, Third Edition

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John Watkinson's The Art of Digital Audio has been described as `the most comprehensive book on digital audio to date' and is widely acclaimed as an industry `bible'. Now in its third edition, the book has been thoroughly updated to include the very latest developments in digital audio technology, providing an essential introduction to the theory as well as acting as an authoritative and comprehensive professional reference source. Reviews of previous editions. Once in a while, someone writes a technical book which becomes the definitive work or industry bible. John Watkinson has done that with The Art of Digital Audio. As a bridge between introductory text and technical assertations or papers, The Art of Digital Audio remains highly recommended.' Watkinson writes clearly and makes frequent use of diagrams, what he has produced here is an authoritative text book. As a reference work, this book is superb. In short, an essential reference work for any modern recording facility. Whether you are in the field of audio engineering, sound recording, music technology, broadcasting and communications media or audio design and installation, this book has it all. Written by a leading international audio specialist, who conducts professional seminars and workshops around the world, the book has been road tested for many years by professional seminar attendees and students to ensure their needs are taken into account, and all the right information is covered. This new edition now includes:
Internet audio
PC Audio technology
MPEG Audio compression
Digital Audio Broadcasting
Audio networks Digital audio professionals will find everything they need here, from the fundamental principles to the latest applications, written in an award-winning style with clear explanations from first principles. John Watkinson is an international consultant in audio, video and data recording. He is a Fellow of the AES, a member of the British Computer Society and a chartered information systems practitioner. He presents lectures, seminars, conference papers and training courses worldwide. ©2000, 768 pages.