The Acoustic Guitar Bible

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With the new folk-rock movement in full swing, the acoustic guitar hasn" t been as much in the spotlight since the halcyon days of the Sixties. Artists such as Turin Brakes, David Gray, Damien Rice, Starsailor, Travis and Coldplay have put the acoustic guitar centre stage again. With guitar sales sky high everyone wants to play guitar, whether it be at a camp-fire sing-a-long or Madison Square Gardens. The Acoustic Guitar Bible is the definitive one-stop shop for anyone with an interest in the instrument that has been the bedrock of popular music for centuries. Eric Roche" s book begins by tracing the humble origins of the instrument through the millennia, from 19th century troubadours, to the unplugged movement of the 90" s and beyond. Eric then takes us on a detailed tour of the players, techniques and kit that has defined the genre over the years. Complemented with two demonstration CD" s, The Acoustic Guitar Bible is a must for anyone with an interest acoustic guitar.
  • For the first time a "360 degree" exploration of the world of the acoustic guitar
  • Contains history, tuition and care tips for the acoustic guitar, and much much more!
  • Delves into the styles of guitar heroes such as Nick Drake, Neil Young and David Gray
  • Written by Guitarist and Guitar Techniques columnist Eric Roche. ©2005, Book & 2 CDs, 356 pages.