The 30-Day Music Writing Challenge: Transform Your Songwriting Composition Skills in Only 30 Days

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Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9780998130255

Radically transform your songwriting composition skills in only thirty days.

The 30-Day Music Writing Challenge is a thirty-day boot camp that will take your songwriting composition skills to the next level - in as little as fifteen minutes per day.

You'll practice writing distinctive grooves. You'll craft compelling melodies and interesting chord progressions. And you'll rewrite and reimagine musical ideas to make them sound fresh and personal to you.

Best of all, you can complete all of the challenges in any genre or style. In fact, after the thirty days you'll end up not just smarter and more creative as a songwriter, but also much clearer on what your unique songwriting voice is - and how you can use it.

Maybe you're a musician who's excited to create your own songs for the first time, or a more experienced songwriter who wants to upgrade your songwriting composition skills for good.

Either way, The 30-Day Music Writing Challenge is your ticket to writing your most interesting, distinctive and well-crafted songs yet. ©2019, 128 pages