The 30-Day Lyric Writing Challenge: Transform Your Lyric Writing Skills in Only 30 Days

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Product Overview

Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9780998130231

From the author of the bestselling book The Art of Songwriting comes The 30-Day Lyric Writing Challenge a thirty-day boot camp expertly designed to take your lyric writing skills to the next level - in only ten minutes per day.

You'll practice finding rhymes under pressure. You'll practice writing phrases that sound effortless and conversational. You'll practice opening up to connect more deeply with your audience.

But most of all: unlike the usual songwriting drills and exercises these challenges aren't about coloring in between the lines. They're about drawing the lines - practicing the real-life skills every lyricist has to master to craft bold and meaningful lyrics.

Are you a beginner songwriter looking to practice specific lyric writing techniques? Or a more experienced writer who wants to improve your skills for good?

Take The 30-Day Lyric Writing Challenge and get ready to write smarter, faster and more confidently than you ever have before. ©2019, 142 pages

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction: How This Works
  • Day 1: The Perfect Rhyme Challenge
  • Day 2: The Color Challenge
  • Day 3: One-word Title Search
  • Day 4: Free Write #1
  • Day 5: Phrase Brainstorm
  • Day 6: The Near Rhyme Challenge
  • Day 7: Word Field #1
  • Day 8: The Action Challenge
  • Day 9: Quick Chorus #1
  • Day 10: Word Pairs Brainstorm
  • Day 11: Free Write #2
  • Day 12: The List Making Challenge
  • Day 13: The Consonance Challenge
  • Day 14: The Big, Beautiful Challenge
  • Day 15: The Simplicity Challenge
  • Day 16: Longer Title Search
  • Day 17: Conversational Phrases
  • Day 18: Playing with Meter
  • Day 19: Word Field #2
  • Day 20: The Sh*t You Love Challenge
  • Day 21: Contemporary Rhymes Search
  • Day 22: Song Idea Search
  • Day 23: The Assonance Challenge
  • Day 24: The Vulnerability Challenge
  • Day 25: The Opening Line Challenge
  • Day 26: Quick Verse
  • Day 27: De-tongue Twister Challenge
  • Day 28: The Universal Truth Challenge
  • Day 29: Quick Chorus #2
  • Day 30: Verse Rewrite
  • Take a Bow - Now What's Next?