The $2,000 Singer's Resource

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69 Custom Arrangements for Female Singers - Voice and Piano/Guitar (chords only). Every Jazz Singer, Cabaret Singer, and Female Entertainer will cherish this unique resource book for performances or auditions. This is not a Fake Book or a book of dull old sheet music. Here is a collection of custom new arrangements of classic songs from the Best of the American Songbook. Each Custom Professional Chart is arranged in a more ... comfortable key for most female voices but, if needed, can easily be transposed up a step or down and still sound fantastic! We have included great new introductions, logical suggestions for repeats and exciting song endings that will thrill your audience! They can be performed with just a piano or a full rhythm section. 69 Hits like: Twisted, Here" s To Life, Blame It On My You, My Foolish Heart, What A Wonderful World, Free Again, Your Mind Is On Vacation, Mama & others!