Teach Yourself Visually Bass Guitar

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Do you learn faster by seeing and doing than by wading through tedious instructions? Then pick up a bass guitar and start plucking! With Teach Yourself VISUALLY Bass Guitar, you" ll quickly progress from playing notes to experimenting with plucking and slap-and-pop techniques. You" ll learn about tuning, fretboard fingerings, alternate fingerings, down picking, palm muting and more. The bass usually sets the tempo, so you" ll learn basic note values plus common popular rhythms from straight rock to syncopated reggae. Downloadable MP3 files on complement the book and let you hear exactly how things are supposed to sound as you play.
  • Each skill or technique is defined and described
  • Step-by-step instructions accompany each photo
  • Detailed color photos demonstrate each step
  • Helpful tips provide additional guidance. ©2007, 290 pages.
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