Teach Yourself To Play Jazz at the Keyboard

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Everything you need to know to start playing jazz now! If you can play piano or electric keyboard and want to learn how to play Jazz, this comprehensive Jazz method will teach you how. Carefully organized so that skills are introduced in a gradual manner, this book is all you need to become an accomplished Jazz player.By following the step-by-step set of instructions, you'll learn all about Jazz and Blues scales, progressions, walking bass, Latin Jazz, Jazz ballads and how to read from a fake book. You'll gain insight by learning from Jazz masters from every era -- including Swing, Be-Bop, Jazz-Rock, Fusion and beyond.ith its chord symbols, mini-music lessons and modern Jazz techniques, Teach Yourself to Play Jazz at the Keyboard will allow you to become a Jazz master in your own right. The news is out -- you can teach yourself to play Jazz like a pro! ©1997, 80 pages. Book & CD.