TASCAM - 30 Years of Recording Evolution

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Product Overview

TASCAM: 30 Years of Recording Evolution is an informative, archival book devoted to the company's groundbreaking product line and the people who created it. Recalling the company's perennial leadership role in the music and pro audio industries (firsts include the 1/2-inch 8-track recorder, the Portastudio and the digital DA-88) with a glimpse towards the future, this book warmly portrays key past and present employees by re-visiting the landmark products they've built together since 1974.Quotes from respected musicians and producers who have trusted TASCAM gear for seminal recordings - including Bo Diddley, Jim Keltner and Alan Parsons - are sprinkled throughout this timeline-based book. Learn how TASCAM products changed the way musicians captured their ideas and empowered a new generation of songwriters and engineers."Wow! The first classic piece of TASCAM gear I had was the first 4-track Portastudio. That thing allowed me to put so many classic P-Funk song ideas down that I can't even count 'em." - Bootsy Collins, Bassist/Songwriter. ©2003, 132 pages.