Tango Voices

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This amazing collection of twenty-six songs is the perfect introduction to one of world music's most expressive and seductive genres. World music expert Donald Cohen has exhaustively researched the history of the tango from 19th-c. Buenos Aires to its current resurgence in Europe, Russia and the Arabian world. Tango Voices includes historical notes on the genre and on each specific song, and is also generously illustrated with photos. The music: 26 songs, in melody/lyric/guitar chord (box) format, with each song included as a full recording by a major artist on the 26-track CD. Even the casual tango lover will know many of these songs - Tango Jalousie, La Cumparsita, and even Satumaa (once covered by Frank Zappa!, ) Also includes a list of tango music venues, museums and institutions. ©2008. Book & CD, 176 pages.