Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer

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A Crash Course in All Musical Styles for Drumset

Format: Drum Set Book & Online Audio & Video

Level: Beginner to Advanced

If you are a drummer looking to expand your knowledge of musical styles, Survival Guide For The Modern Drummer is the book for you. From pop to country, metal to jazz and Latin to Motown, Jim Riley (drummer and musical director for Rascal Flatts) has crammed his considerable stage and studio experience into this amazing resource. The book includes 124 play-along tracks which were meticulously recorded with just the right musicians for each recording creating an authentic and inspiring library. Tempo software and audio performance of each of the 318 grooves are also included making learning these grooves even easier. From beginner to advanced, this book truly has something for everyone.

If you dream of taking your drumming to the next level, Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer is the book that can help you make that a reality. For the first time, groove tracks are now downloadable, so you'll have everything you need in one place.



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About the Notation
Chapter 1: Pop Drumming
Track Listing
Chapter 2: Blues
Track Listing
Chapter 3: Swing
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Chapter 4: Country
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Chapter 5: Early Rock and Motown
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Chapter 6: Dance and Electronic
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Chapter 7: Funk and Fusion
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Chapter 8: Odd-Time Signatures
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Chapter 9: Metal and Double Bass
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Chapter 10: Grooves from Around the World
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80 pages