Super Classic Drum Pack 3-DVD Set

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Includes Classic Drum Solos & Battles, Volumes 1 & 2, and Classic Rock Drum Solos Check out this great new Super Classic Drum 3-Pack bundle - includes three great DVDs for $59.99 - a savings of nearly $30 of the individual price. Classic Rock Drum Solos traces the origins of the rock drum solo, with vintage footage of pioneers like Gene Krupa and Lionel Hampton, as well as some of the best from classic rock, including: Ginger Baker, Don Brewer, Keith Moon, Ron Bushy, Ian Paice, Cozy Powell and others. Clasic Drum Solos and Drum Battles presents 15 legends of jazz drumming in extended solos and in rare drum duels. Among the highlights are solos from big band legends Sonny Payne, Buddy Rich, Sam Woodyard and Louie Bellson, and small group giants Art Blakey and Joe Morello. Rare drum battles include meetings between: Gene Krupa and Cozy Cole; Buddy Rich and Ed Shaughnessy and many more. Classic Drum Solos and Drum Battles Volume Two features fifteen thunderous drum solos from legends like Buddy Rich, Lionel Hampton, Gene Krupa, Papa Jo Jones, Art Blakey, Shelly Manne, Sonny Payne, Sam Woodyard, and more. 3-DVD Set