Stringstastic Grade 1

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Product Overview

Publisher: Stringstastic Pty Ltd

Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9780645267068

Graded series provides students of all ages and young players who are interested in doing music theory exams with a solid foundation in music theory through the eyes of a string player.

These interactive books are designed where the main reference point is through the clef in which the player reads on treble, and bass clef. ©2021, 58 pages

Grade 1 workbook features these concepts and more!

  • NOTATION - Note movement, accidentals, treble, bass clef in reference to open strings
  • SCALES & ARPEGGIOS - Major (C, F, G)
  • TRIADS - Chords and scale degrees
  • TIME - Note and rest values, simple time signature,
  • INTERVALS - numerical value only
  • PATTERNS - Note and rest grouping, ostinato
  • ANALYSIS - Music terms, symbols and signs