String Builder, Book Two

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Samuel Applebaum

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A String Class Method (for Class or Individual Instruction)

Series: Belwin Course for Strings

Instrument: Violin

Format: Softcover

The Belwin String Builder is a string class method in which the violin, viola, cello, and bass play together throughout. Each book, however, is a complete unit and may be used separately for class or individual instruction. The material in this book is realistically graded so that only a minimum of explanatory material is required. Each melody is interesting and will provide the basis for a fine left hand technic and bow arm.


The C Major Scale---The Détaché Bowing Above the Middle of the Bow
More Melodies in C Major
We Build a Major Scale on the Note G
More Melodies in G Major---The Détaché Below the Middle of the Bow
We Lower a Tone---A Major Scale Starting on F
More Melodies in F Major---The Whole Bow Détaché
Preparing for a New Rhythm---The Dotted Quarter Note
Melodies with the Dotted Quarter and Eighth Note in One Bow
More Melodies with Dotted Quarters and Eighths
Melodies Combining the Détaché Below and Above the Middle of the Bow
We Build a Major Scale on the Note D
More Melodies in D Major
How to Go from One String to Another Very Smoothly
More Melodies That We Have Heard
The Left Hand---Melodies to Develop Strong Fingers
We Build a Major Scale on the Note B Flat
More Melodies in the Keys We Have Studied
A New Tone---We Sharp the Third Finger
More Melodies with the Third Finger Raised
We Accent Certain Notes to Make Our Music Spirited
The Martelé Bowing
More Melodies Using the Martelé Bowing
Playing on Two Strings at the Same Time---Learning to Tune the Violin
Two Martelé Notes in One Bow
The Grand Martelé---The Whole Bow
A New Rhythm---Six-Eight Time
More Melodies in Six-Eight Time
Beautiful Melodies in the Keys We Have Studied
The Third Position---Finding the First and Second Fingers
Finding the Third Finger in the Third Position
Finding the Fourth Finger in the Third Position