Stowell Plays Stowell - DVD

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Music for the Heart & Mind John Stowell is known internationally as a musician with a unique approach to guitar supported by a sophisticated harmonic concept. John has been performing solo guitar concerts for over thirty years and has captivated audiences all over the world. This DVD captures an intimate performance of his original compositions in the same format as his solo concerts, and demonstrates John's daringly original approach to improvised music. This collection of original compositions allows the listener to follow the development of John's ideas and organizational principles, both creating progressions of chords and creating progressions of colors and rhythms. In his compositions John often succeeds in reaching a pint where the goal, as composer Paul Dukas put it, is not to create dissonances but "make multiple resonances vibrate". The combination of John's interesting compositions and enjoyable and inspiring performances make this a unique opportunity to experience both composed and improvised ideas from a master musician. ©2009, DVD, 68 minutes