Start You Up: Rock Star Secrets to Unleash Your Personal Brand and Set Your Career on Fire

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Product Overview

Turn yourself ''up to eleven'' with Steve Jones's unique take on personal branding.

Steve Jones, music industry insider and author of Brand Like a Rock Star, once again takes readers on a trip through rock history to reveal often-overlooked lessons on personal branding. The stories Jones has to tell -- how a drummer reinvented his instrument when he lost his arm, why Nikki Sixx's lifestyle killed him and brought him back, how the forces that nearly tore Fleetwood Mac apart actually made their music better -- provide the colorful backdrop for the critical lessons on building a high-power personal brand.

The book is comprised of five sections that outline the ''Five Ps of Personal Branding'' -- the building blocks for a personal brand:

- Positioning -- discovering the reader's unique story
- Presentation -- laying a framework for communicating personal brands
- Passion -- how to turn a love into a life's work
- Purpose -- crafting a personal brand to make the most impact
- Profits -- generating a profit, emotionally or fiscally, through personal branding

No matter what stage a career is in, success today in any field requires a rock star personal brand. Start You Up will set readers on the path to the goals they've always had -- and ones they didn't know were attainable.

©2014, 336 pages