Stand Alone Tapes - Blues

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Stand Alone Tapes is a play-along tape where you are the lead guitarist in a blues band and you play solos with a great rhythm section backing you up on 12 blues standards. Each blues tune on the tape is discussed and outlined so that you know: - what key the song is in - how many choruses there are - where the other soloists are playing - what the chord progression is Additionally, each chord progression is followed by two or three scale diagrams. They can be used as a guide to help you improvise. The root of each scale is displayed as a black dot. The major and minor pentatonic scales are shown using one position. The blues scales are displayed using the whole fretboard. At fist, break the blues into four or five fret sections, this will make it much easier to manage the scale. ""© 1995, 29 Pages Book & CD