Stage Lighting - The Fundamentals, Second Edition

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Format: Softcover

Stage Lighting: The Fundamentals is written specifically for introductory stage lighting courses. The book begins with an examination of the nature of light, perception, and color, then leads into a conversation of stage lighting equipment and technicians. Lamps, luminaries, controls/dimming, and electricity form the basis of these chapters. The book also provides a detailed explanation and overview of the lighting design process for the theatre and several other traditional forms of entertainment. Finally, the book explores a variety of additional areas where lighting designers can find related future employment, such as concert and corporate lighting, themed design, architectural and landscape lighting, and computer animation.

New for this edition:

enlarged full-color illustrations, photographs, light plots and examples of lighting design;

updated information on LED lighting and equipment;

expanded discussion of the practical use of color as a designer;

expanded discussion of psychological/perceptual effects of color;

new discussion of color mixing through light sources that make use of additive mixing;

expanded discussion of industry professions;

expanded discussion and illustrations relating to photometrics;

expanded discussion and examples of control protocols and new equipment; and

updated designer profiles along with the addition of still more designer profiles.

©2019, 498 pages


Part One: Light: The Medium

1. The Nature of Light

2. Light and Perception

3. Color and Its Effect

Part Two: The Tools

4. Electricity

5. Lamps and Other Light Sources

6. Luminaires

7. Lighting Control

8. Projections and Lighting

Part Three: Light: Design Fundamentals

9. Essentials of Lighting Design

10. Basics of General Illumination

11. Plotting the Design

12. Moving Into the Venue and the Rehearsal Process

13. Variations on Essential Theatrical Design

Part Four: Light: Design Applications

14. The Practitioners

15. Traditional Areas of Theatrical Lighting Design

16. Non-Traditional Lighting Design Applications

About The Author

Richard Dunham is a scenic and lighting designer as well as a professor and head of design at the University of Georgia. He is a United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) Fellow and former lighting commissioner from 1998 to 2006. His professional credits include numerous productions throughout the East Coast, New York City, and the Midwest, as well as being Lighting Certified (LC) and a member of Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) and associate member of the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD).