Stage Combat

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Fisticuffs, Stunts, and Swordplay for Theater and Film The most complete guide on an essential stagecraft available! Wanna fight, buddy? This comprehensive guide covers everything performers, directors, theater teachers, fight choreographers, and others need to know to stage believable, safe action for theater and other performing arts. From basic falls, rolls, and tumbling to punches, kicks, hair pulls, and head slams, to advanced handling of weapons, Stage Combat provides in-depth instruction for realistic-looking fights and physical comedy. Grappling, slapping, pushing, choking""”they were forbidden on the playground, but they" re needed for the play, and they" re all in here. So are basic drills for the quarterstaff, European rapier, and Japanese katana-style swordplay, and much more. Complete with illustrations and step-by-step directions, this book is a must-have for any actor spoiling for a fight€”or the appearance of one.
  • Basics and more advanced techniques for the beginner and beyond
  • Emphasis on personal safety
  • Step-by-step directions and 200 illustrations for combat with and without weapons Jenn Zuko Boughn, an adjunct professor of English and theater at Metro State College of Denver, has performed with the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, the award-winning Trouble Clef Theatre, and Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance Company. She lives in Boulder, Colorado. ©2006, 240 pages.
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