Spatial Audio

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The enhancement of spatial quality is arguably the only remaining hurdle to be overcome in pursuit of high quality sound reproduction. The rise of increasingly sophisticated spatial sound systems presents an enormous challenge to audio engineers, many of whom are confused by the possibilities and unfamiliar with standards, formats, track allocations, monitoring configurations and recording techniques. The author provides a comprehensive study of the current state of the art in spatial audio, concentrating on the most widely used approaches and configurations. Anyone wishing to expand their understanding of these cutting-edge technologies will want to own this book.Contents: The spatial dimensions in natural sound; Sound sources in space; Introduction to the spatial dimension in reproduced sound; From mono to surround sound and 3D audio - a brief resume; Applications of spatial audio; Sound source localisation; Distance and depth perception; Apparent source width; Envelopment and spaciousness; Naturalness; Some subjective experiments involving spatial attributes of reproduced sound; Cognitive issues in sound space perception; The source-receiver signal chain; Two-channel (2-0) stereo; Binaural sound and 3D audio systems; Three-channel (3-0) stereo; 4-channel surround (3-1 stereo); 5.1 channel surround (3-2 stereo); Other multichannel configurations; Surround sound systems; Matrixed surround sound systems; Digital surround sound formats; Ambisonics; Introduction to listening room acoustics; International guidelines for surround sound room acoustics; Loudspeakers for surround sound: placement and directivity; Monitor level alignment; Virtual control room acoustics and monitors; Science versus aesthetics in spatial recording; Two-channel microphone techniques; Spot microphones and two-channel panning laws; Three-channel techniques; Surround sound recording techniques; Multichannel panning techniques; Artificial reverberation and room simulation; Surround sound mixing aesthetics; Upmixing and downmixing. ©2001, 256 pages.