Soundtrack Success: A Digital Storyteller's Guide to Audio-Post Production

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SOUNDTRACK SUCCESS will show you how to put together a complete soundtrack. It's a non-software-specific guide to the entire realm of audio post-production, with particular attention paid to fixing problems, sweetening sound, and pulling it all together. You'll learn how to use dialogue, voiceover, walla, backgrounds, sound effects, Foley, and music, and you'll discover how to record, edit, mix, master, and deliver high-quality and high-impact soundtracks. The companion DVD includes video tutorials and examples that further demonstrate the many concepts and techniques described in the book. This complete primer is your key to making soundtracks that soar. Contents: Introduction. Crafting the Quintessential Soundtrack. Audio Aesthetics. What Is Sound? Workflow. Location Matters. Microphones. Building the Location Sound Kit CYA Tips. Hearing Sound. Making and Recording Sound. Make Sound Sound Better. Audio-Post Workflow Tips. Voiceover. Recording ADR and Walla. Editing Dialogue. Sound Effects. Foley and Backgrounds. Sound Effects in Use. Music. Mixing. Index. ""©2011, Book & DVD, 300 pages