Sound System Engineering, Third Edition

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Product Overview

An indispensable guide to the day-to-day work of designing sound systems. This new edition is packed with updated material that is fully in line with the very latest advances in this fast-moving industry. It is a practical manual that carefully examines a step-by-step method of accurately predicting such variables as acoustic gain, speech intelligibility, and required electrical input power while plans are still on the drawing board. Highly illustrated with clear diagrams throughout, this accurate, complete, and concise tool is a necessary addition to the library of anyone involved in audio engineering. FEATURES:
  • A highly regarded reference, bringing you all the current technology and practice
  • Details mathematics for audio systems and describes audio and acoustic instrumentation
  • Provides you with an overall coverage of how the system works as a whole. CONTENTS:
  • 1. Mathematics for Audio Systems
  • 2. Using the decibel
  • 3. Interfacing Electrical and Acoustical Systems
  • 4. Loudspeaker Directivity and Coverage
  • 5. Acoustics
  • 6. Microphones
  • 7. Loudspeakers and Arrays
  • 8. Principals of Signal Delay
  • 9. Signal Processing
  • 10. system Refinement through Synchronization and Equalization
  • 11. Putting it all together and keeping it all together ©2006, 504 pages, Hardcover.