Sound Synthesis and Sampling

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"Sound Synthesis and Sampling" is all about the principles of electronic musical instruments. It provides a comprehensive introduction to all the most common forms of analog and digital sound synthesis, as well as covering many of the less commonly encountered techniques used in research and academia. Written in an almost entirely non-mathematical fashion, and extensively illustrated with clear diagrams, this book will make an ideal reference for students of music technology, audio engineering and acoustics, as well as for enthusiasts, musicians, engineers and multimedia specialists. Questions are provided at the ends of chapters for revision purposes, and a substantial glossary explains a wide range of related terms. Time-lines show key events in the history of synthesis and examples are given of commercial products that employ the technology described. Contents: Brief history of synthesis; Analogue synthesis; Hybrid synthesis; Digital synthesis; Sampling; Using synthesis; Controllers; Other types of synthesis; Future of synthesis. ©1997, 224 pages.