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Unlocking the Creative Potential of Recording Studio Effects. Sound FX introduces today" s up and coming musician to the fantastic creative potential of the most popular instrument today- the home studio. Explaining the basic and advanced signal processing techniques used in professional music production (EQ, compression, delay, reverb etc), using real world popular music examples and an emphasis on the perceptual results and musical value of these effects, FX teaches the Recording Musician how to achieve professional production standards and maximise their creative potential. Contents: SECTION 1: Sound, Signals, Systems and Sensation
  • The Audio Waveform, Signal Flow; Perception SECTION 2: Amplitude Effects
  • Distortion; Equalization; Compression and Limiting; Expansion and Gating; Volume SECTION 3: Time Effects
  • Delay; Pitch Shift; Reverb; SECTION 4: Applied Effects
  • A Basic Mix; The Snare Drum; The Piano; The Automated Mix. Features & Benefits:
  • Only book to cover the technical basics and creative potential of signal processing effects.
  • Accompanying website includes audio examples of all the effects discussed in the book.
  • Includes real world popular music samples, bridging the gap between technical explanations and the real world. Who Should Read This Book: Students of audio, Practising recording engineers, Musicians of all types who are making music with laptops, samplers, synthesizers, and looping tools. ©2007, 432 pages.
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