Sound Forge 8 Power!

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Product Overview

Sound Forge 8 is one of the most popular audio editing programs available for the PC. With step-by-step examples and exercises, and thorough explanations, Sound Forge 8 Power! digs deep into the software rather than just describing the features and how they work. Whether you're a Sound Forge 8 or Sound Forge Audio Studio user, this accessible guide will give you a thorough understanding of the software that you can put to use right away. You'll cover everything from the basics to advanced functions such as writing scripts to automate the processing in Sound Forge 8. As long as you have a strong interest in learning how to get the most out of Sound Forge 8, leave the rest to us as you begin working within this powerful program like you never have before. You'll get in-depth coverage on: getting started, customizing Sound Forge 8 to work the way you want it to, recording and playing back your audio files, synchronizing Sound Forge 8 via SMPTE, getting the most out of the processing and effects tools, creating audio for multimedia and the Internet, using Sound Forge 8 with MIDI. ©2005, 428 pages.