Sound Assistance, Second Edition

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"Sound Assistance" offfers a highly readable and easy-to-understand account of sound operations in radio and television studios. By knowing the characteristics of the equipment, such as threshold and compression ratios, it is much easier to achieve professional effects quickly, saving hours of trial and error.This second edition has been updated to include more information on: microphone sensitivities; loudspeaker listening tests; domestic color code for stereo; stereo transmission in radio; stereo PPM interpretations; MiniDisc; digital radio and recordable CDs.Contents: Introduction; revision of electricity - D.C. & A.C.; outlines of electronic devices; radio transmission; decibels; loudspeakers; stereo; signal processing; analogue tape recording; recording with digits; more digital devices; public address; sound desks (mixing consoles); safety. ©2000, 230 pages.