Sound and Music for the Theatre - The Art & Technique of Design, 4th Edition

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Product Overview

Covering every phase of a theatrical production, this fourth edition of Sound and Music for the Theatre traces the process of sound design from initial concept through implementation in actual performances. The book discusses the early evolution of sound design and how it supports the play, from researching sources for music and effects, to negotiating a contract. It shows you how to organize the construction of the sound design elements, how the designer functions in a rehearsal, and how to set up and train an operator to run sound equipment. This instructive information is interspersed with ‘war stores’ describing real-life problems with solutions that you can apply in your own work, whether you’re a sound designer, composer, or sound operator.


Foreword by Peter Sellars       

Preface to the First Edition       

Preface to the Second Edition       

Preface to the Third Edition      

Preface to the Fourth Edition       

Introduction to the First and Second Edition by Richard Peaslee       

Introduction to the Third Edition by Mark Lamos      

Introduction to the Fourth Edition by Oskar Eustis


The Art of Looking with the Ear by Tazewell Thompson       

  1. The Evolution of Sound Design       

  2. The Foundation of Sound Design       

  3. Developing the Concept and Design       

  4. Research, Resources, and Selection       

  5. The Sound Plot Magic Sheets and Other Paperwork      

  6. Working with the Theatre Company       

  7. Preparing to Build the Cues       

  8. Building the Show

  9. Rehearsals       

10. Running the Show      

11. Approaches and Techniques       

Feedback: A Directors’ and Playwrights’ Forum       

More Feedback: A Sound Designers’ and Composers’ Forum       

No More Feedback: A Sound Reinforcement Forum       

Sound Off: A Sound Operators’ and Stage Managers’ Forum  

Appendix: Sounds Procedures Checklist     



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