Sound Advice from Gerald Weber

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Learn from the master - Gerald Weber teaches you EVERYTHING you want to know about Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifiers. Over the years Gerald has answered questions about tube amplifiers in major music magazines... these answers have been now brought together in one volume - Sound Advice. In over 500 pages he answers over 300 questions including: Adding a 3-knob reverb on any blackface amp for under $10 Getting Blues Harp tone from any guitar amp How to re-lacquer a tweed amp Converting a Bassman to cathode bias Line out mod for any tube amp Getting the 'Layla' tone from your Tweed Champ Rewiring a 6SC7 to 12AX7 Converting 6L6's to 6V6's on Twin, Showman, Pro or Bandmaster Filter Chokes de-mystified Putting reverb on both channels of a Fender amp ... and much more