Songwriter's Book

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Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9789197850612

'Songwriter's Book' is an illustrated inspirational and practical guide book for anyone who wishes to write their own songs. Accessible and packed with useful, fun and practical tips, tools and exercises in songwriting. Examples of topics: What is a song? Song structure, Melody, Lyrics and Rhythm, Examples of song structures, Pattern for a song.

The book is an updated and improved version in English of the author's first book Låtskrivarboken, published in Swedish in 2009, and is based on Monica Welander's own songwriting workshops. ©2018


What is a song?
Melody, lyrics and rhythm
Song Structure
The Toolbox
More tools
Pattern for a three chord song
Exercise: writing a song
What comes next?
Performing rights associations
Exercises: lyrics
Exercises: melody
More exercises
Examples of song structures
Examples of lyrics
Some basic guitar chords

Gavin Fitzgerald, The Songsmith - The Magazine of the Songwriting Society of Australia July 2018:

"...Overall, Monica's "Songwriter's Book" is a brilliant introduction to songwriting for the novice songwriter, or for children who'd like to start songwriting." "...It takes real talent to simplify a complex topic such as songwriting for the real novice, or child just starting, but Monica has done this superbly. It's an easy read, with easy exercises and direction, super teaching! You can have your "Songwriting For Dummies", your songwriting workshops, etc, but to start someone off I couldn't think of a better way than this book. Then they can go on further as they progress..."