Song Maps Workbook

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Product Overview

This Workbook is an accompaniment to the book Song Maps - A New System to Write Your Best Lyrics (IG400).

The book sets out clear, actionable steps for identifying the potential of a title before you even think about rhyme schemes and melodies so as you assimilate Song Mapping into your writing workflow, your songwriting will shift away from tentative, self-conscious, inhibited writing to strong, bold, intentional and vulnerable writing that does full justice to your original ideas, ultimately allowing you to make the impact you deserve as a songwriter.

The aim of this Workbook is to give you exercises to help you bed down the principles and lessons contained in the book, helping you to make Song Mapping an integral part of your songwriting workflow. By the end of this Workbook you will have:

- Understood and practiced how Song Maps can help you write seven titles in seven different ways.

- Made a start on building your 'Idea Catalogue' having prepared eight writable ideas (i.e. Title plus Song Map).

- Built a bank of 12 Song Maps for you to take into your next writing session or co-write.

Given that this guide has been designed as a companion to Song Maps - A New System to Write Your Best Lyrics. It is suggested that you read the book to get a full explanation of the principles and processes required before attempting the exercises in this Workbook. The Song Maps in this Workbook start simple and become more challenging as it progresses. If you find yourself lost at any point, it's advisable to go back to the book to familiarize yourself with the relevant section of the text.

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