Sonar X1 - Beginner Level DVD

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Product Overview

This new DVD takes an in-depth look at the Producer version of Sonar X1, from set-up to mix down and each step in-between. First, host Andrew Eisele will show how to navigate the SonarX1 layout. Then, you'll learn how to record and import audio and MIDI clips. You'll use Sonar's many on-board MIDI and audio editors to transpose and quantize MIDI, edit audio loops, and work with MIDI groove clips. You'll work with the latest on-board soft-synths in Sonar X1 and learn how to harness their amazing sounds for your own recordings. When your song is ready, you'll be guided through the mixing process, learning: how to set up and use a compressor and equalizer; how to insert audio and dynamic effects; how to use time-based effects, and even automation techniques. Finally, you'll learn how to export your final stereo mix. Along the way, Andrew will share many tips and techniques he has learned from teaching Sonar. If you're using Sonar X1 Producer or Studio edition, this DVD is a must-have in your studio! ""©2011, DVD