Sonar 6 - Beginner Level DVD

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Sonar 6 has become the leading Windows-based DAW application, evolving over its six years to include some remarkable features in this professional recording tool. Sonar 6 - Beginner takes an in-depth look at the Producer Edition of Sonar from setup to mix-down and every step in-between. In this DVD you'll learn everything from installation to navigating Sonar's layout including the track view, tool bars, transport, track inspector, song navigator and more. With the Track Explorer, you'll begin importing audio and MIDI clips, and with Sonar's editors you'll learn to transpose and quantize MIDI, edit audio loops, use the Loop Explorer and work with Groove Clips! Next, you're on your way to using the metronome to record audio and MIDI in perfect time, while learning to build spectacular arrangements of your music. When your song is ready you'll be guided through the mixing process, including inserting audio effects, dynamic effects, using sends, time based effects, evening automation techniques in the mixer that take you through to exporting the final stereo mix. This is simply the best beginner-level DVD training available for Sonar 6 users! ©2007, DVD, 90 minutes.