Sonar 6 - Advanced Level DVD

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Sonar 6 Advanced goes deep into the Producer Edition of Sonar to help you use this amazing DAW application to create spectacular music. You'll learn secrets of customizing Sonar's menu structures, tool bars and Key bindings while discovering Sonar's advanced Synthesizer collection including: Penatgon, TTS-1, Roland Groove Synth, Session Drummer, Dream Station, PSYN II, and the RXP - Rex Player. This Sonar 6 - Advanced DVD guides you through arrangement and audio editing techniques, teaches how to comp vocal takes, work with slip/slide editing, and groove quantizing. You'll learn mixing techniques like grouping tracks, bussing and buss compression, and using a synth's multiple outputs in your mix. You'll work with Sonar's plugins like: Sonitus Effects, Cake's Amp Simulator and Tape Simulator, the Lexicon Pantheon Reverb, Perfect Space, Convolution Reverb, Vintage Channel and more, all while mastering the signal flow concepts and shaping your stereo mix to perfect results! When you are ready to master Sonar 6, the MusicPro Guides from Hal Leonard are ready to take you there with Sonar 6 Advanced. ©2007, DVD, 90 minutes.