Sonar 3 Power!

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Product Overview

SONAR 3 Power! will take you deep into the many features that this amazing software package offers. You " ll get more than just a quick rundown of tools and buttons. You " ll learn how to truly get the most out of SONAR 3 as you work your way through step-by-step examples and exercises that will help make your composing and recording sessions run more smoothly. You" ll cover the major features, but you" ll also get tips on the more obscure elements of SONAR and learn how to make all of the features work together seamlessly. It" s all here""”tips for customizing SONAR 3, techniques for recording multiple tracks at once, and instructions that simplify mixing. Unleash the power of SONAR 3! Features: *Get the nitty-gritty details of using the newest version of Cakewalk's SONAR music software *Walk through recording, mixing and mastering your music for CD, video, multimedia and the Internet *Book content edited for technical accuracy by Cakewalk *Learn from an experienced author, musician, and multimedia expert. ©2003, 480 pages.