Sonar 3 Ignite!

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Product Overview

Get ready to make music that rocks as you harness the power of SONAR 3. Cover each feature in easy-to-follow steps and build on your newfound skills as you go. Even if you are a novice to the world of music production software, the step-by-step instructions and clear illustrations within SONAR 3 Ignite allow you to compose, edit, and arrange your music with confidence. Quickly master new techniques as you learn how to set up new projects, record and edit MIDI and digital audio, and utilize virtual instruments. Wrap things up as you explore SONAR" s effects plug-ins and exciting new bus architecture and learn how they can enable you to realize a great-sounding mix that" s ready for CD or Web distribution. Features: *Using a highly visual format, the author will use hundreds of screenshots to lead readers step-by-step through the fundamentals of making music with SONAR. *A systematic approach in which each concept builds on the previous concepts to create a solid foundation and instill confidence. *A friendly, relaxed and engaging style free from jargon and technobabble. *The author will discuss the functions, screens, tools and processes which are most important to beginners. ©2003, 416 pages.