Solo Guitar Playing Volume 1 Fourth Edition

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Express yourself through the beautiful voice of the solo guitar. Solo Guitar Playing can teach even the person with no previous musical training how to progress from simple single-line melodies to mastery of the guitar as a solo instrument. Fully illustrated with diagrams, photographs, and over 200 musical exercises and repertoire selections, this book offers thorough instruction in every phase of classical guitar playing. Complete coverage of individual skills includes:, Basic technique, Reading music, memorizing, and ear-training, Mastering the fingerboard, Building dexterity and speed, Developing tone color and musical phrasing, Position playing, Interpretation Since its first printing in 1968, Frederick Noad" s Solo Guitar Playing has been used by countless students and teachers of classical guitar. The fourth edition features revised and updated exercises and an expanded selection of solo guitar repertoire gleaned from the best-selling Frederick Noad Guitar Anthology. SONGLIST: Spanish Study Malaguena Waltz by Ferdinando Carulli Andantino by Ferdinando Carulli Greensleeves Etude by Ferdinando Carulli Allegretto by Frederick Noad Study in Ligados by Frederick Noad Saraband by Robert De Visee Rondo by Ferdinando Carulli Canary Jig Minuet by Robert De Visee Bourree by Robert De Visee Theme by G. F. Handel Bourree by J. S. Bach Pezzo Tedesco Orlando Sleepeth by John Dowland Mrs. Winter's Jump by John Dowland Air by Thomas Robinson Dove Son Quei Fieri Occhi Se Io M'Accorgo Italian by Vicenzo Galilei Pavane by Luis Milan Etude in D by Fernando Sor Etude in B Minor by Fernando Sor Pavan in A Minor by Gaspar Sanz Prelude by Robert De Visee Allemand by Robert De Visee Saraband by Robert De Visee Gigue by Robert De Visee Etude in A by Matteo Carcassi Etude in F by Matteo Carcassi Minuet in C by Fernando Sor Andantino by Mauro Giuliani Andante by Dionisio Aguado Etude in C by Fernando Sor Adelita by Francisco Tarrega Lagrima by Francisco Tarrega Romance El Testamen De N'Amelia by Miguel Llobet Song Tune by Thomas Campian Bourree by G. F. Handel Minuet by G. F. Handel Gavot by G. F. Handel Gavot by G. F. Handel Awake Sweet Love by John Dowland Mrs. Nichols" Almain Courant Ballet Largo by Antonio Vivaldi Minuet by Joseph Haydn Grave by G. P. Telemann Trio Facile Pour Trois Guitares by Leonhard von Call Wilson" s Wilde Lesson for Two Lutes Alman by Robert Johnson Bourree by J. S. Bach Canarios by Gaspar Sanz Theme from Op. 102 by Mauro Giuliani Caprice by Luigi Legnani Nocturne by Johann Kaspar Mertz Rondeau by Napoleon Coste Barcarolle by Napoleon Coste. ©2009, 254 pages.